Looking for an abortion at Amethyst Health Center in Manassas, VA? THEY’RE CLOSED – BUT CARAFEM IS OPEN.

Amethyst Health Center, an abortion provider in Manassas, VA, closed its doors six months ago when its owner retired. “AAA Woman for Choice,” a deceptively named anti-abortion Crisis Pregnancy Center, has moved into the space Amethyst once occupied.

Why does this matter? Because people looking to get an abortion may end up at AAA Women for Choice, which advertises itself as a place that cares about personal decisions and helping women in need. In reality, the center pushes an anti-abortion agenda on visitors and aims to scare women and shame them for their choices. Despite listing abortion as an option on their website, the facility does not provide abortion. Instead, the staff strives to convince visitors that abortion is the wrong choice for them — regardless of their personal situation. Because AAA Women for Choice is not a registered medical facility, they are not required to give medically accurate information – or keep your personal information confidential.

That’s where carafem comes in. carafem, located just 35 miles away in Friendship Heights, Maryland, provides safe, legal, compassionate and confidential abortion care within the first 11 weeks of pregnancy. carafem believes women are capable of making their own decisions about their health and will never try to pressure you to make a choice that isn’t right for you. We offer same-day, one-hour appointments that are designed to be as easy and stress-free as possible. We also offer a full range of birth control options, so you can make sure you’re protected from unwanted pregnancies in the future.

Want proof that carafem is the real deal? Check out our reviews and testimonials. Pregnant and don’t want to be? Need help? Call us any time, 24/7, to make an appointment or discuss your options at 855-885-0705.

We’re here for you — always.