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What’s the carafem experience?

Our mission is to increase access to reproductive healthcare by providing compassionate and convenient abortion care and family planning in ways that actually meet the needs of our clients. Whether that’s easy online scheduling, dedicated time with your provider, appointments that last 60 mins or less, or simply non judgmental private services. We’re here for you.

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Safe, simple and effective. carafem provides the abortion pill and in-office procedures for clients to 13 weeks from your last missed period.

What are your options?
There are a few different options when it comes to abortion care, but the two main methods are the abortion pill and the in-office procedure — which is also known as MVA or an in-office procedure. If it’s been up to 11 weeks since your last period, you may choose either method; however, if you are over 11 weeks past your last missed period, you may need to schedule an in-office procedure.

Not sure how far along you are?
If you aren’t sure how many weeks its been since your last missed period, you can use our eligibility calculator to help you understand your time frame and which options might be best for you.

Birth Control

Take control of your birth control. carafem offers a wide range of family planning options including condoms, birth control pills, emergency contraception, IUD/IUCs, birth control implant, and Depo Provera shots

We’ll help you decide
We know deciding the right method can feel confusing at times, but at carafem, we can help you sift through your options to make the right family planning choice for your body and your lifestyle. Take control of your birth control!

Find the best method for you
carafem offers a wide range of family planning options including condoms, birth control pills, emergency contraception, IUD/IUCs, birth control implant, and Depo Provera shots. If you come in for an abortion appointment, we will discuss which method of family planning might work best for you.


Find out if you have an infection, and we'll help you get the right treatment. carafem offers STI testing, UTI testing and testing for vaginal infections.

Herpes, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea & More
Did you know that most sexually transmitted infections have no signs or symptoms? A big part of taking care of your health is getting tested! It’s always a good idea to include infection and STI testing as part of your routine health care. At carafem, we are experts at providing accurate information and quality medical care in a confidential and caring atmosphere you can trust.

UTI & Vaginal Infections
It’s very common to experience a urinary tract infection, or other vaginal infection. Testing is a fast, and effective way to identify your problem and get connected with the right treatment.

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