Abortion Care Should be Radically Accessible

As you are likely aware, Wednesday marked the start of a dangerous and restrictive new abortion ban in the state of Texas. SB 8 is a Texas law banning abortion after six weeks of pregnancy — before most people even know they are pregnant. This law then goes one step further to allow anyone — an angry partner, a neighbor, or a stranger in another state to sue a person or organization that provides or helps someone obtain an abortion in Texas after six weeks. For every defendant they bring to court, an anti-abortion extremist can collect $10,000.

For decades, reproductive health advocates like you and I have been fighting oppressive and unnecessary barriers to abortion care. Make no mistake, the politically motivated restriction in Texas will have the most negative impact on Black women, Latinx women, and low income people using Medicaid for insurance coverage. carafem believes everyone should get the health care they need without shame, unnecessary restrictions, or outside interference — no matter where they live.

This is exactly why we founded carafem — to provide abortion care in the most accessible way possible. We raise funds from generous foundations and individuals like you to help cover the cost of providing abortion care and we ensure clients only spend their time one-on-one with their provider — not in waiting rooms. An average visit for abortion care at carafem lasts between 30-40 minutes (not 3-4 hours). By keeping client costs low and the time needed in the center (or in a video visit) to a minimum, we’re working to provide care to anyone who wants an abortion.

We’re also leading the way for telehealth abortion care in the US, using technology to revolutionize the way abortion care is provided. As medical experts with decades of experience in abortion care, carafem is now providing telehealth abortion care in seven states and we’ve already provided care to over 2,000 people this year. We’re proud to say our clients love our care. In the coming years, we’re working to expand telehealth abortion care to all states that allow it and see this as an avenue to further reduce time and expense for people traveling out of state for abortion care.

We may see a rolling wave of need across the South as pregnant Texans travel into neighboring states, many of which already have very few abortion providers due to the many targeted regulations placed on southern states. People will count on carafem to be here. We will remain responsive to the needs of people who must travel greater distances for care. We will accommodate as many clients as we can while continuing to expand telehealth options.

Thank you to each of you as we strive to help people access safe, quality, abortion care. It will take all of us pulling together to help assure every person is able to control their bodies, lives, and futures.