Welcome to carafem in metro Chicago, Illinois

At carafem, our primary focus is you. We work to create an experience that puts your needs first. One of the many ways we do that is by offering the best client-centered health care possible in beautiful offices with plenty of parking. From the moment you reach out to us, the difference is clear. We provide care that fits into your busy life. You can schedule an appointment, renew a prescription, or contact your clinician all from your smartphone in just a few taps. There is a lot of misinformation about what an abortion clinic actually looks like, so we’re taking you on a virtual tour of our health centers. 

Welcome to our health center in the greater Chicago, Illinois metro area! This location opened in October 2018 in Skokie (a north shore suburb of Chicago) to help improve access to abortion and reproductive healthcare in Illinois as well as the surrounding states. The health center is located in the Concourse Office Plaza, which is a multi-use office building, which adds some privacy to a client’s visit. We are close to the Old Orchard Mall with a public transportation hub (Metra, CTA, and Pace) located within a very short walking distance. It is surrounded by many coffee shops, retail stores, and restaurants. The Edens Expressway is also easily accessible at this location and there is plenty of parking available. 

What does the inside of an abortion clinic look like?

Say hello to our reception area! Our friendly staff will welcome you to our office with one-on-one attention to your needs. You won’t be here for long as there’s virtually no waiting —  appointments typically start within 5 minutes of your arrival.

Let’s head down the hall and check out one of our private offices. Much of the testing and preliminary work is carried out in one room as our staff comes to you. This way you aren’t getting moved from place to place within the clinic and can focus on staying relaxed, listening, and asking questions.

Time to check out one of our private consultation rooms! By the way, you’ll notice there isn’t a lot of medical equipment sitting out during your visit. We only bring out the supplies we need for you personally so our rooms are quiet, clean, and uncluttered to help you to focus on getting the information you need.

Our health centers are designed with all of our client’s senses in mind. Seriously, check out that view! Many of our clients enjoy a cup of herbal tea or juice while learning about their health care options in these private and relaxed settings.

We create a comforting but professional vibe, without a lot of medicalized sights, smells, or sounds. Our clinicians are experts in reproductive health care and will be sure to provide you with accurate, non-biased information. No matter the reason for your visit, from seeking a new method of birth control to abortion care, you will feel respected and well-informed.

We encourage you to actively participate in making decisions about your health care during your visit. Everyone deserves medical care that respects their unique values, preferences, and needs. And at carafem – yeah, we do that.

Need to get to our Chicago health care center? Find directions to the Metro Chicago carafem health center here. Or find your nearest carafem location and schedule an appointment online or give us a call at 1-(877) 869-7541.