10 Facts About the 10-Week-After Pill

Hi there! You may notice that we’ve updated the effective range of the abortion pill from 10 weeks to 11 weeks on our website. That’s because current research shows that the abortion pill is effective up to 11 weeks. If you have any questions, give us a call at (855) SAY-CARA.

If you’re a frequent reader (which we hope you are!), you may have seen our 10-Week-After Pill campaign that ran on bus shelters, a truck driving around DC, mobile, and social media ads. Due to the confusion and misunderstanding about what the abortion pill is, and the benefits it provides, we’ve worked to inform folks that the abortion pill is not the same as the “morning after” pill.

Two separate medications with different functions, we decided it was time to set the record straight about the abortion pill — and differentiate it from emergency contraception pills.  In addition to the ongoing #10WeekAfterPill advertising, we posted a new fact about the abortion pill to our social media channels, every Friday, for 10 weeks.

As we close the  campaign, we bring you a roundup of the 10 facts about the abortion pill:

1. The Abortion Pill AKA The 10-Week-After-Pill

Unlike emergency contraception, which can be used up to 120 hours after sex to PREVENT pregnancy, the abortion pill can be used to safely terminate a pregnancy within the first 10 weeks.

2. The Abortion Pill Isn’t Plan B

The abortion pill and emergency contraception are different medications with different purposes. EC prevents pregnancy; the abortion pill ends an existing pregnancy. These medications and their uses are not interchangeable.

3. The Abortion Pill Is Safe

The abortion pill is one of the safest medications available today. Don’t believe us? Check out this list of everyday things riskier than the abortion pill!

4. The Abortion Pill Is Effective

The abortion pill is very effective when used as directed. 95-99% of users complete a successful abortion with one dose, and those who need additional care are provided with options to successfully complete their abortion.

5. The Abortion Pill Isn’t New

While the abortion pill has been used in the U.S. for 16 years and has recently grown in popularity as an option for early abortion care, it has been used worldwide for almost 20.

6. The Abortion Pill Increases Access

The abortion pill offers a choice for people who might not otherwise have accessible safe abortion care. While not available in the US, organizations like Safe2Choose send safe abortion pills to people in areas where abortion is illegal or inaccessible.

7. The Abortion Pill Is Private

The abortion pill allows for a safe, non-invasive, and private abortion at home.

8. The Abortion Pill Is Actually 5 Pills

Though we call it the “abortion pill” — the dose actually consists of five pills taken in two rounds.

9. The Abortion Pill Is Empowering

The abortion pill allows people to make choices about their healthcare and their life — while being able to have a super safe, private, legal abortion at home.

10. The Abortion Pill Matters

The abortion pill offers another option to let folks decide which method of pregnancy termination is best for them — depending on their personal situation, their history, and how they prefer to experience their abortion.