Annual Report

carafem’s Annual Report

As we continue to maintain transparency around our mission, goals, and direction, we are pleased to share our 2018 annual report.

This past year was one summarized by increasing access to reproductive healthcare through serving a larger number of clients, increasing our geographic reach, and continuing to bust stigma.

Our Atlanta and DC centers served a record-breaking number of clients. We increased our reach through striking marketing campaigns and community outreach efforts, expanded new services such as the testing and treatment of sexually transmitted infections, and maintained customer satisfaction rates of over 95% throughout the year.

Our clients remain the focus on every visit. We listen to their needs and incorporate their preferences, values, and decisions as part of their treatment plan. We use online scheduling to provide greater flexibility for appointments; all while maintaining an average visit length of one hour or less. As a result, the #1 reason clients report choosing carafem is our reputation of responsiveness; we make it easy to schedule an appointment and are respectful of their time once they arrive.

We served more clients in 2017 as we broadened our reach to help those coming from surrounding states where access to abortion is increasingly restricted. Indeed, a full 12% of our clients in the South traveled more than 100 miles for care.  

This momentum, coupled with effective management of resources, enabled our two centers to fundamentally cover their core costs in 2017. We are excited by this accomplishment as it demonstrates the viability of this new healthcare model. Furthermore, it enables us to utilize precious donor funds to expand into new markets and invest in education and awareness, knowing that existing centers are self-sustaining.

2018 will be focused on growth. We shall open additional carafem centers to meet client demands, offering the same high-quality, personal touch experience in new communities. We will continue to push boundaries with bold advertising and educational messages. And we will explore innovation such as the incorporation of telemedicine to broaden access and reduce the need for clients to travel as far to receive care.

We are happy with our progress and are excited for what’s to come in 2018. A big thank you for your continued support – none of it would be possible without our dedicated donors, advocates, volunteers, and staff.