Annual Report

carafem’s 2022 Annual Report

On June 24th, the Supreme Court of the United States overturned Roe v. Wade and ruled the right to an abortion is no longer protected by the US Constitution. While we are evaluating exactly what this means in each of the communities we serve, carafem is committed to continuing to offer medically supported, affordable abortion care in as many states as we legally are able. With efficient, compassionate in-person care and through the affordable, discrete provision of abortion medication through telehealth, carafem will continue to adapt its services to improve access to abortion for our clients wherever and whenever we can. Read more about our progress and plans for the future here.

2021 was a year of significant growth as carafem experienced a 34% increase in clients served over the prior year. Increased demand for faster, more available, and more affordable visits has helped carafem’s Abortion at Home program serve an ever-growing number of clients – 47% more than our busiest brick-and-mortar health center this year. Over the course of 2021, carafem provided abortion at home through telehealth to people within 10 different states including the District of Columbia and served clients originating from almost 20. By the end of 2022, we plan to expand virtual care into at least 5 new states strategically located near places where abortion is no longer available.

For years, carafem has strategically partnered with organizations conducting global research and advocacy to collect evidence that helps improve outcomes in reproductive health technologies and services. Part of this work has helped to solidify the safety and efficacy of the abortion pill as well as contribute to the evidence that people are able to safely manage their abortions in the privacy of their own homes. The results from these clinical studies have been important to expand information and understanding of reproductive health care in the US. As part of a clinical study with the University of California, San Francisco, carafem’s work contributed to evidence that led to the reversal of the FDA’s restrictions on mailing mifepristone in December 2021.

During the pandemic, abortion pills became much more in demand. carafem conducted message testing to understand the most effective way to talk about receiving abortion pills at home in order to help more people find them. After rigorous qualitative and quantitive testing, the term “at home abortion pills” was identified. carafem also developed an integrated translation feature on its website and redesigned all client-facing printed materials to be available in multiple languages to help more people locate the services they need.

In the last year, carafem implemented new technological solutions to improve almost every part of the client experience, from finding an appointment, to completing necessary pre-visit documentation, to the final follow-up and assuring client satisfaction with the visit. Our new online scheduling platform has simplified the appointment-making process and improved both the in-center and online client experience. This is part of carafem’s ongoing commitment to provide the seamless access to healthcare our clients have asked for.

The loss of Roe has been monumentally harmful but carafem remains steadfast in its mission to increase access to abortion, in these times more than ever. carafem’s success would not be possible without the enthusiastic work of the carafem team, donors, and volunteers. We extend our heartfelt thanks for your continued support.