21st Century Abortion Care is Here.

FDA Temporarily Lifts Restrictions on the Abortion Pill

On Monday evening, the FDA announced they will no longer enforce medically unnecessary restrictions on the abortion pill – allowing clients to safely and discreetly receive the medication through the mail. By Tuesday morning, carafem began offering mifepristone through the mail to all clients as an additional option for telehealth abortion care.

We’re Bringing Abortion Care into This Century

We’re also very pleased to announce the launch of “Cara,” a groundbreaking virtual assistant. “Cara” will facilitate abortion care at home with 24/7 personalized emotional and medical support for our telemedicine clients. Click here for a list of the states where our medically supported at-home abortion care is available.

carafem’s proprietary virtual assistant was created to help users feel more comfortable and confident in their at-home abortion care experience. “Cara” provides fast, personalized support and information, along with friendly reminders like when to take their medications so the client does not have to keep track. “Cara” eliminates the need for phone tag and provides real-time answers and support for concerns people might have while taking the abortion pill at home. If necessary, it seamlessly connects clients to a live member of the carafem medical team who can see a complete full health record of every client for personalized and informed care at any time of day.

Expanding Access with At-home Virtual Care

“Via “Cara,” our medically supported at-home abortion care services are now within reach of people that have been traditionally unable to access abortion care. Medically supported at-home abortion pills represent a form of reproductive freedom and a critical tool to increase access – giving people the opportunity to make choices that are best for them, comfortably and conveniently, even those living in more isolated rural communities,” concludes Grant. “Ultimately, the most important aspect of carafem is our commitment to ensuring clients experience judgment-free care and the respect they deserve.”

Over the next two years, carafem is expanding its at-home abortion care services to all legally allowing states. Make a donation now to help carafem expand this highly needed service.