3 years of compassionate, convenient, abortion care

3 years

April is a big month for us because it’s our anniversary month! This time three years ago, we launched our first location in the DC metro area. A year later, we opened doors in Atlanta, Georgia. We are so proud of what we’ve accomplished, and it is all thanks to the support from our clients, providers, and communities!

We are pleased to share we’ve served thousands of clients and expanded our services. When we started, we simply provided the abortion pill; now we offer in-office procedures, a full range of birth control methods, and testing and treatment options for vaginal infections, urinary tract infections and STIs.

Key to our mission is to help normalize the way abortion is discussed in the United States, including unapologetically advertising abortion care — from our launch ad stating “Abortion. Yeah, we do that.” to our “10-week-after pill” campaign — we’re not only raising awareness of carafem, but busting stigma as well.

Most importantly, we’ve done this while earning trust from our clients and our communities. One thing has been the most important for us from the beginning: client-centered care.

And that remains our focus as we continue to grow. How are we working to keep our services client-centered? By ensuring the carafem experience is both compassionate and convenient while respecting our clients’ values, preferences and needs. What does that mean exactly? This is what compassionate, convenient, client-centered care means to us:

24/7 Online scheduling, with same-day and next-day appointments available.

Because we want to make sure we’re there for our clients when you need us.

One appointment scheduled at a time – and we start on time!

No large waiting rooms filled with other people you don’t know. No reading a six-month-old magazine with old celeb news while you wait for a provider who’s running half an hour late.

Privacy is paramount.

Our offices are small, and they are located in larger buildings offering a variety of services. This creates a more private and confidential office experience.

One-on-one care.

You’ll spend most of your time at carafem with one provider, who will be caring and compassionate, and who will take the time to personalize your care based on your unique needs, lifestyle and personal preferences.

Caring follow-up.

The carafem care doesn’t end when your appointment does. You’ll leave carafem with a take-home package of helpful items like a heating pad, a journal to review your care plan and note any questions, pads, and more! After your appointment, we offer a personalized phone call to check in and see how you are feeling, answer questions and offer follow up options that work with your schedule.

If this sounds like the type of care and healthcare experience you think should thrive and grow, schedule an appointment, make a donation, or share this with friends and family today. We couldn’t have made it this far without you, and our momentum will only grow with your support.