A New Era of Abortion Care

Compassionate and Convenient Care

When you choose carafem for abortion care, you are choosing the most supportive abortion care experience from start to finish. You receive full medical support 24/7, and you can text any time to get your questions answered.

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Online Care

Video Visits & Immediate Evaluations with 24/7 Medical Support
carafem is proud to offer abortion pills online with medical support & check-ins from abortion care experts. You can choose immediate evaluation in select states, or schedule a video visit with a trusted provider. Get high-quality, medically supported abortion care from the comfort of home.

  • FDA-approved medication mailed in 1-4 business days
  • Sliding scale fee based on financial eligibility, $0-249
  • 24/7 medical support from experts
  • Text anytime with questions

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In-Office Care

Abortion Pills, In-Office Procedures & Reproductive Care
carafem provides compassionate and convenient abortion care and family planning in ways that actually meet the needs of our clients. Whether that’s easy online scheduling, dedicated time with your provider, appointments that last 60 mins or less, or simply non judgmental private services. We’re here for you.

Our Locations

Washington DC | Chicago | Atlanta | Nashville

  • Abortion Pill $450-475 / In-Office Procedure $550
  • Insurance accepted / financial assistance available
  • Comfortable, convenient locations & private entrances

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Meet Cara: Your Virtual Care Assistant

Your virtual assistant will accompany you every step of the way. From making sure you receive your medication, throughout each step of your abortion process to your follow up visit, we’ve got you covered with 24/7 care.

  • Shipping notifications
  • Step by step instructions for your abortion
  • Automatic reminders and check-ins
  • Answers to your questions 24/7
  • Follow-up care

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About Us

carafem Is Ushering in a New Era of Abortion Care in the Us
carafem was founded in 2013 and has provided quality reproductive and sexual health care to over 100,000 satisfied clients both in brick-and-mortar health centers and via online care. carafem is a leading national provider of abortion care and reproductive healthcare services.

Healthcare with Compassion
Unintended pregnancy is a common, shared experience and we understand the feelings and difficulties that come with thinking about abortion. That’s why we created the carafem experience, which centers your needs, values, and preferences while offering convenient and compassionate reproductive health care.

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About Us

You probably have questions—we’ve got answers.

Here Are The 12 Most Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the abortion pill cost?

So you’ve decided you want a medication abortion, aka the abortion pill, and are now figuring out what it costs. At carafem a video visit or an immediate evaluation for abortion care costs $0-249 depending on your eligibility for financial aid and an in-center abortion pill appointment costs between $450-475 depending on location. At other providers, the abortion pill typically costs between $300-800, again depending on your health insurance, your state, and your provider. There are financial assistance options available for those who qualify.  Am I eligible to take the abortion pill?

What is immediate evaluation for abortion care?

carafem’s immediate evaluation gives you the option to request abortion pills at any time online and receive them in a discreet package within 1-4 business days all without making an appointment. This service cost is on a sliding scale between $0-239 depending on your eligibility for financial aid. Immediate evaluation is available 24/7 in Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, Washington, DC, Vermont, or Virginia, and takes about 15 mins to complete online. Get started here.

Did you know you can get abortion pills in the mail?

carafem is proud to offer at home abortion pills with 24/7  medical support. If you have a mailing address in one of these states, you may be eligible for abortion pill medication, delivered discreetly within 1-4 business days of your video visit with a compassionate medical provider. We’ve found many clients prefer the convenience and privacy of getting the abortion pill at home and have peace of mind with 24/7 medical support from carafem.

What type of abortion am I eligible for?

Depending on how many weeks it’s been since your last period, you have a few different options. If it has been up to 10 weeks and 2 days, you can get the abortion pill online or in a center, or get an in-office procedure. Up to 11 weeks, you can go to a health center for the abortion pill or an in-office procedure. If it has been between 11 and 13 weeks, you’ll need to have an in-office procedure. Need help estimating how much time has passed and your options? Check out our eligibility calculator.

What is an in-office procedure?

A safe, convenient, and affordable abortion procedure. There are different methods for performing an early abortion. The in-office procedure, (sometimes called “MVA,” “aspiration abortion,” or “surgical abortion”) is a safe and simple method of ending an early pregnancy in our office with a gentle and quiet hand-held suction device.

Do you offer birth control?

carafem offers a wide range of family planning options including condoms, birth control pills, emergency contraception, IUD/IUCs, birth control implant, and Depo Provera shots. At carafem, we’re proud to give our clients an affordable and convenient range of contraceptive methods ranging from condoms to IUDs to Depo shots and more. Find out what option might be best for you.

Is an abortion painful?

The big question that everyone wants to know is, does an abortion hurt? We wish we could give you a definitive answer but the truth is that having an abortion feels different for everybody — just like how periods are different for everybody. It can be painful or just a little uncomfortable. Everyone reacts differently. Thousands of people have successfully used this method of abortion for the last 20 years. Your carafem health care team can help you to feel prepared to better handle this experience.

How long after an abortion before I can get pregnant?

It’s possible to get pregnant right away after an abortion. We recommend you start using a reliable method of birth control on the same day as taking the abortion pill if you wish to prevent another pregnancy. We are happy to help you with this if you have questions. Curious how soon you can take a pregnancy test? 

Do you take insurance?

Yes. We will help verify whether your policy covers our services, and we can also help you file private insurance. Please contact us at least 24 hours before your appointment to determine coverage. If you do not have medical insurance, you will be offered the opportunity to apply for discounts on the cost of service. Learn more about our costs.

What if I have a problem? Or something doesn't seem right?

Don’t worry, we’re here to help. We are available day and night, and if necessary, can make arrangements to get you the care you need. In the event of an after-hours emergency, please call (855) Say-Cara and stay on the phone until you are connected to our on-call provider.

How is the abortion pill different from the morning after pill?

Emergency contraception (the morning-after pill or Plan B or even some IUDs) is a type of birth control, not an abortion. The morning after pill is taken to prevent pregnancy. Pregnancy does not happen right after sex. It can take up to six days for the sperm and egg to meet. Emergency contraception works in a number of ways to prevent pregnancy, but will not terminate an existing pregnancy, no matter the dosage. Interested to learn more about the differences between Plan B and the abortion pill?

How does the abortion pill work?

The abortion pill is actually a combination of what is usually two kinds of pills (mifepristone and misoprostol) that are taken in sequence.  In the U.S. these are most often used before 11 weeks of pregnancy. The first pill, mifepristone, blocks a hormone necessary for a pregnancy to continue to develop. Most people swallow this first pill in our office. A small number of people see some vaginal bleeding after taking mifepristone, but it’s not common. The second pill, misoprostol, causes cramping and bleeding from the vagina so that the pregnancy will leave your body (similar to a miscarriage). It is usually taken at home within 72 hours after taking the first pill.

It's time for a new era of abortion care in the US.

carafem believes in compassionate and convenient reproductive healthcare.

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Convenience & Comfort
Unintended pregnancy is a common, shared experience and we understand the various emotions and barriers that can come with getting an abortion. That’s why we created the carafem model of care, which is client-centered and prioritizes safe, responsive, and efficient reproductive healthcare.

Healthcare Focused On You
We understand reproductive health care is a right but access remains difficult for some. We know that our clients experience a wide range of emotions and uncertainty. That’s why our entire organization is built to deliver compassionate, convenient, and client-centered healthcare.