Abortion Options Available at carafem

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As promised – here’s a quick and dirty rundown of your abortion options, what methods of abortion are available to you, and how to go about getting one.

  1. Choosing to get an abortion (or not) is a deeply personal decision that each person has to make for themselves. If you are struggling with an unplanned pregnancy or just want to have someone listen to you as you talk it through, then there are plenty of people who would be happy to support you:
    • Exhale ProVoice is a wonderful talkline with trained volunteers who will listen to whatever you want to share
    • Your Backline is another great talkline with people who can answer your questions on abortion, adoption, parenting, and pregnancy
    • 1-855-SAY-CARA is carafem’s hotline, and we answer the phone 24/7, no matter what. We offer a compassionate ear for whatever you’re thinking or feeling about your unplanned pregnancy, or your reproductive health, in general.
  2. If you want to end a pregnancy, there are two ways to do it: surgical abortion, or medication abortion (MAB)
    • Surgical abortion is when a pregnancy is removed from the uterus through a process called “vacuum aspiration.” Usually local anesthetic is used, but general anesthetic can also be done. The entire procedure is comparatively short.
    • Medication abortion (MAB), also known as the abortion pill, is when a pregnancy is ended with drugs. Two medications – mifepristone and misoprostol – are used to stop and expel a pregnancy. This method has been compared to the experience of having a heavy period, and many women liked that they could have their abortion at home, in private.
  3. Once you’ve decided on your method, make an appointment!
    • At this time, carafem only provides medication abortions. If this is the method you’re interested in, then contact us now! We offer night and weekend appointments, and can’t wait to help you have a safe and compassionate abortion experience.
    • If you would like a surgical abortion, then consider reaching out to Whole Women’s Health, or Planned Parenthood.

Whatever you choose, remember that its your choice. Abortion is a safe, legal procedure, and it is your right to access it, if you like. You have options when it comes to your reproductive health and your future.

If you still have questions, check out our FAQ page, or call us now at 1-855-SAY-CARA.