Happy National Abortion Provider Appreciation Day

Today, March 10, is National Abortion Provider Appreciation Day. It is not only a day to recognize the importance of allowing people to control their own reproductive lives but it’s also a day to say thank you to all abortion care providers who fight to keep the abortion option available. 

To celebrate, we kicked off a week of appreciation by teaming with our friends at Reproaction and the Outrage for a letter-writing party and happy hour to celebrate local abortion providers for their work providing comprehensive reproductive healthcare.

The Outrage, located at 1722 14th St NW in Washington DC, is a hub for activism, shifting the political and cultural landscapes by starting and sustaining conversations. Reproaction is an organization dedicated to creating a more favorable climate for abortion rights and reproductive justice with bold, direct action.

During the event, the participants wrote to clinics in the area as well as ally support organizations such as the DC Abortion Fund, Blue Ridge Abortion Fund, Washington Area Clinic Defense Task Force, and DC Doulas for Choice Collective to express their gratitude to abortion providers for all their hard work and dedication.

Let’s take a moment and talk about the word “provider.” A “provider” could be a doctor, a nurse practitioner, a physician’s assistant or midwife – those who deliver direct care. But a “provider” is also a receptionist, an office manager, a medical assistant, a volunteer, or anyone who helps keep the doors open and operations running smoothly. It is a team effort and every person involved is appreciated today for their contribution to this important, safe, and legal health care option.

Much like the clinics, the abortion care community is also a “provider.” Sharing ideas, best practices, news, and continuing to support each other is essential to maintaining and perpetuating progress in abortion care.

carafem would like to extend thanks and appreciation to all providers who help ensure people have a choice in their own health care decisions. Let us continue to work together to build strength in our community, and power in our collective voice.

Thank you to providers for believing in your clients’ right to choose what’s best for them and their families. 

Thank you for believing abortion is basic health care. 

Thank you for standing strong in the face of adversity. 

And thank you for everything you do, every day. We see you. We hear you. We respect you. 

Today is your day, so please don’t forget to take care of yourself.

BTW, if you need abortion care, birth control, or STI testing and treatment, this abortion provider is proud to be here for you! Give us a call at 1-855-SAY-CARA or find your nearest location to schedule an appointment online.