Say Hello to Cara, carafem’s Virtual Assistant for At Home Abortion Care

After an abortion, you may have a lot of questions, but might be too embarrassed to talk to your provider on the phone about it. Rest assured: you have nothing to worry about (we’ve heard it all!), but we get it. That’s why we made Cara, an empathetic, nonjudgmental, supportive, and affirming online text support system to accompany you as you go through the medication abortion experience at home.

Say Hello to Cara: Your Virtual Abortion Care Assistant

Cara is a text-based support system that helps you manage your personalized abortion pill care plan and get answers without having to make any awkward calls. Phone anxiety who? You can now text Cara with any questions or concerns you have while taking the abortion pill at home and receive compassionate support from your medical provider instantly. Curious to see some example texts and more about how Cara works? Check out the below video.

Your Clinician’s Support — Available at Your Fingertips

carafem’s highly-qualified medical team cataloged hundreds of questions we’ve received from clients like you and created customized, thoughtful, medically accurate responses for Cara. As a virtual assistant for at home medical abortion support, carafem physicians programmed Cara to be responsive to your needs and proactively check in with you to ensure you’re always receiving support.

If Cara is ever unable to fully answer your questions or if you need further medical support, you will be directly connected with a member of your care team from your initial appointment. You can even conduct your virtual follow-up check-ins with Cara. Not sure what to ask Cara? Check out these uncomfortable abortion questions!

Hear What Clients Have to Say About Cara

After their appointment with carafem, these clients shared how they appreciated Cara’s support while they took the abortion pill as well as during their follow-up.

“I know if I visit Carafem again, I look forward to using the chatbot again. And I kind of look forward to it in the future like, you know, with my other doctors. Like I’m going to be expecting that chatbot. I think Cara started a trend that I’m going to be looking forward to from all doctors.”

“The timing, her timing was very good because when I thought, you know, I was alone, I wasn’t. All the times when I felt alone, I wasn’t because Cara was right there [and would] like just surprisingly come through and check on me.”

“I know I woke up to a message, and I was surprised. Yes, I did, I know I woke up Sunday and Cara asked me, did you finish the procedure yet? Let me know. And I was all surprised, I forgot that Cara was supposed to text me…my best friend didn’t text me yet.”

Here For you, No Matter What

Providing compassionate, high-quality abortion care is carafem’s top priority, and that care doesn’t end after your appointment. From the moment you schedule an appointment until you complete your abortion and are no longer pregnant, we’ll be here for you — and Cara will be, too.

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