Annual Report

carafem’s 2017 Annual Report

carafem has been committed to transparency, and proud of the work we do, since Day 1. Today, we’re pleased to share with you our 2017 Annual Report.

The past year has been one of growth for carafem. Not only did we open two new health centers in Georgia, we also added in-office procedures,” to our list of services — allowing a quick, in-clinic abortion option for clients who prefer an early abortion completed all in one day. We understand the importance of having choices when it comes to decisions about your health, so we are proud to offer more options to the people we serve.

In continuing to listen to our clients and expand the options available to them, we began offering online appointment scheduling last month. Now, carafem clients can make an appointment at any time, anywhere — no phone call necessary.

carafem’s bold, unapologetic voice is still strong, and we continue to bust the stigma surrounding abortion care and family planning. When the DC Metro rejected our ads for the abortion pill, we rented a billboard truck and drove it around the nation’s capital to be sure everyone knew about all of their options.

Through it all, we are most proud to report that our client satisfaction rates remain extremely high, with around 97% of clients reporting they would recommend carafem to a friend.

We are thrilled with our progress and look forward to what the next year will bring. Thank you for your continued support — none of it would be possible without our dedicated donors, advocates, volunteers and staff.