Health Centers

Proudly serving DC for two years; Atlanta for one.

This week marks the second anniversary of our Washington, DC health center, while our Atlanta, Georgia health center celebrates its first.

We are proud to have served thousands of people from across the country during that time. In addition to clients coming from Georgia and DC, 18% of the folks we see travel over 100 miles to our health centers for abortion care.

As part of our response to the ever-present need for reproductive health care access, especially in the South, we began serving clients in Augusta, Georgia last month — expanding our reach even more. We are proud to have joined the good work being done by other committed independent abortion care providers to provide more options to southern women where the need is great.

We can’t stress enough how gratifying it is to be able to do this work. Reading comments from our clients like the one below reminds us that we do this for our clients. Support from community members like you makes it all possible.

Thank you for being a friend and supporter of carafem, and thank you to our clients who make every single day worth it. Together, we are making a difference.