What should I know about the in-office procedure?

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We provide safe, convenient, and affordable abortion procedures.

Clients: We heard you, and we’ve worked hard to give you more options at carafem! carafem is pleased to provide this additional option for clients addressing an unintended pregnancy.

In-office procedures

The in-office procedure is also known as “surgical” abortion (despite a total lack of surgery involved!), manual vacuum aspiration (MVA), or manual uterine aspiration (MUA). It is available as an option at our DC, Chicago, and Atlanta health centers. We’re now able to perform abortions up to 13 weeks of pregnancy, depending on location. Please check with your local health center to confirm the regulations.

Secondly, offering the in-office procedure gives clients the chance to have their abortion completed before they leave our health center — rather than waiting until they return home to start the process.

The in-office procedure is quick.

Our abortion procedure usually takes between 2 and 7 minutes to complete, plus a brief recovery time. No big, loud machines are required. The procedure is performed through a small, handheld device in a standard gynecologist’s office. The appointment itself is fast, too – you’ll be in and out of our office in 90 minutes or less.

It’s one of the safest medical procedures available.

Just like the abortion pill, the in-office procedure is one of the safest medical procedures available today. Both types of abortion are safer than having your wisdom teeth removed or having a colonoscopy. The risk of complications is extremely low, and any minor complications that could arise are usually easy and quick to remedy.

You’ll be back to normal life almost immediately.

Additionally, since the in-office procedure is performed with quiet, gentle suction and requires no heavy painkillers or long-term recovery, you’ll be able to leave our health center and continue your normal activities almost immediately.

You’ll be able to eat, drink, and engage in most of your daily activities normally — both before and after the abortion. Most people are able to drive themselves home or return to work the same day they have the procedure, if they choose.

It’s convenient, affordable and delivered with compassion.

Thanks to our experienced medical team with over 75 years of combined experience in abortion care, you can always trust you’re in good hands when choosing carafem. Our services are affordable. We accept insurance and can even help you file for private insurance if you’d like — and we never have any hidden fees. We also help to provide financial assistance to low-income clients.

All of that said, carafem is pleased to continue offering the abortion pill through the first 11 weeks of pregnancy at most locations.