carafem Offers At Home Abortion Pills

As the global pandemic continues to devastate, and as access to abortion care has never been in greater peril with the recent passing of Justice Ginsberg, we know facing an unintended pregnancy in these uncertain times can be stressful. At carafem, we’re working hard to mitigate exposure to our clients and team members in our health centers in the metro DC, Atlanta, and Chicago areas and our doors remain open. 

We’re also proud to announce that we’re expanding access to our services in groundbreaking ways, by offering abortion pills by mail after a secure video consult with a trusted medical expert. 

21st Century Abortion Care is here. [image of woman using a cell phone]

carafem is proud to offer at home abortion pills in over a dozen states for abortion pill care, including: 

  • Same-day or next-day appointments often available 
  • Video visit appointments with a trusted health care professional — without any waiting time 
  • carafem partners with our clients in medical decision making and create customized care plans based on their needs
  • Medication arrives discreetly within 1-5 days of the visit with a provider 
  • 24/7 medical support available to all clients 
  • Costs range between $175-249, depending on medication
  • Financial assistance is available to those who qualify  

Clients can call (855) SAY-CARA or schedule an appointment online.

From The New York Times to Politico, Insider, Elle, and MedPage Today, carafem’s virtual health care is making headlines for being innovative and adapting quickly to COVID-19:

“What we’ve noticed since the pandemic started, is that it ultimately became even more challenging for people to travel. Necessity oftentimes breeds innovation. Abortion doesn’t stop being a necessity because of things going on in the world around it.” – Melissa Grant, Chief Operations Officer of carafem

We’ve been providing abortion pill care via secure video consultation for several years and have helped thousands of people have a safe abortion via telemedicine. This method has not only proven to be effective but we’ve also saved several clients a great deal of time and anxiety in trying to travel to a clinic to find an abortion — especially if they live in one of the majority of US counties with no abortion provider. 

In times of uncertainty and possibly a great deal of change, carafem is committed to using innovative solutions to ensure people can exercise their right to quality health care and accurate medical information. We’re pleased to offer clients the abortion care they need, whenever they need it. Schedule an At Home Abortion Pill appointment online or by calling 855-SAY-CARA.