Compassionate, Convenient, Abortion Care.

Compassionate, Convenient, Abortion Care

We are excited to announce we’ll be spending the month of March in a conversation highlighting our focus on client-centered abortion care and how technology makes it easier and more convenient for clients to schedule appointments and stay in touch.

We all are living in busy times and many of us juggle school, work, family, and social obligations. carafem understands this and we strive to make appointments flexible, with times that are readily available and include weekends and evenings. With most visits lasting only about an hour, our clients have told us making an appointment with carafem is much easier than with other medical offices. Because we schedule only one client at a time, the visit is not only easier to fit into a convenient time, but more private than most other healthcare experiences.

Through the end of March, we’ll be talking about how carafem meets our clients where they are and fits into their busy lives, through:

  • Online scheduling and private offices. carafem clients can make appointments on their phones through our website – and when they arrive for their appointment, they will be greeted with a private, welcoming office.
  • 60-minute appointments. Most abortion appointments at carafem take an hour or less.
  • Next-day appointments. One thing we hear over and over again from our clients: once they decide to have an abortion, they want to do it and move on with their lives. At carafem, clients can often get an appointment the very next day.

This conversation will have a tone that is bold and unapologetic, but fun. We’ll use images of regular people in relatable situations, like a woman booking an appointment on her smartphone in the bathroom (who hasn’t done that?). We’ll emphasize convenience and the client-centric carafem experience that our current clients love.

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