Coronavirus: What to expect at carafem

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What to Expect at carafem During Coronavirus Outbreak  

 As part of carafem’s concern for the safety of our clients and staff, we are sharing recommendations to help limit the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). We will be following these guidelines.

  • Please do not bring guests or children with you to your appointment. For the protection of our clients and staff, we have had to limit the number of people invited into our offices.
  • All visitors to a carafem health center must wear a face covering. A face covering can be any covering that snuggly covers the entire nose and mouth without gaps. 

One of the best ways to prevent the spread of infection is to limit contact with others, especially if you feel sick.

  • If you have a fever AND shortness of breath or cough 
  • OR if you have been exposed to someone who may have coronavirus,

Please consider rescheduling your care with us until after you are no longer ill.

Great! We aren’t either and look forward to your visit.

Here’s what to expect at a carafem appointment during the coronavirus outbreak:
  • We ask all visitors to a carafem health center to wear a face covering. A face covering is not only a surgical mask- it can be a bandana, scarf, or other homemade covering which snuggly covers the entire nose and mouth without gaps.
  • All carafem locations are small offices staffed with teams of 3-4 people at a time
  • You will likely not see more than one or two other clients in our space during your visit and you will spend most of your time one-on-one with your provider 
  • Our team members may wear gloves, gowns, or masks even if they or you do not have respiratory infection symptoms
  • You may be asked to wear a mask during your visit 
  • We may request to reschedule your appointment 
  • If someone with you has symptoms of an upper respiratory infection, we may ask them to leave the health center during your visit

If you have an address where you can receive mail in one of the states where we provide care –  you may be able to have your visit online and receive abortion pills through the mail. To see if you qualify, please visit our at home abortion pill page. 

If you are sick and need medical attention, contact your primary care office, walk-in clinic, or urgent care near you.

More information and answers to questions about the coronavirus are available at:

  • Centers for Disease Control: