Appointments and Cost

carafem Pricing & Out of Pocket Costs

We understand that out-of-pocket costs are a big concern and play an important factor in your decision. You can expect to pay sliding scale fees of $0-249 if you chose online care or $0-$475 for an abortion pill appointment in one of our health centers. The in-office procedure costs $550.

Additionally, our staff will work with you to check with your insurance company and abortion funds to see if they will cover part or all of your costs — just call us 24 hours in advance of your appointment to get the process rolling.

Type of Care Costs
Video Visit for Abortion Pill $0-249
Sliding scale fees based on financial eligibility. Depending on where you live, and your income, you may qualify for 50-100% off.
Immediate Evaluation for Abortion Pill $0-239
Sliding scale fees based on financial eligibility. Depending on where you live, and your income, you may qualify for 50-100% off.
In-Office Abortion Pill $450 – 475
Depending on location
In-office Abortion Procedure $550

Call (855) Say-Cara to Verify Insurance & Financial Aid

Call us 24 hours before your appointment to verify whether your insurance policy covers our services. We can also help you file private insurance. If you do not have medical insurance, you will be offered the opportunity to apply for discounts on the cost of service through our financial assistance options. carafem accepts all major credit cards, gift cards, and FSA/HSA cards.

When you call, we will discuss all your options. In the meantime:

  • To check your eligibility for having an abortion at carafem, please click here.
  • To see reviews of our centers, please click here.
  • To find a carafem health center near you, please click here.


At most locations, carafem participates with several insurance companies and we are happy to help you use your health insurance in our office. Because each insurance company offers different plans, and benefits vary from plan to plan we must be able to verify what your insurance will pay towards an abortion, IUD or implant before you are seen.

Please make sure you have talked to our staff at least 24 hours before your appointment by calling us at (855) Say-Cara and providing your insurance information. This way we can confirm how much of our fees may be covered by your insurance, and what will need to be paid out of pocket.

Medicaid is accepted in some locations. carafem may be able to accept Medicaid depending on location.

Financial Assistance

Abortion care should be accessible to all who want it ​— cost should never be a reason you can’t get an abortion with carafem. We partner with abortion funds to offer financial assistance to those who qualify, and accept health insurance for in-person appointments. If you are concerned about being able to pay for your abortion appointment with carafem, please visit this page or call us at (855) Say-Cara, and we will work with you to ensure you receive the compassionate, high-quality abortion care you deserve.

Birth Control Costs

Appointment Fee: $50 one-time fee + cost of your contraception

Have you thought about birth control? At carafem, we want you to leave with a plan and protection. Please check out our birth control options — we’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

What to expect during your appointment: An appointment for birth control at carafem usually takes less than an hour, and includes ample time to ask your practitioner questions and review the educational materials you will be given. Please note that you do not need an appointment to pick up (external) condoms or emergency contraception (EC). If you would like a prescription for oral contraception (birth control pills), to receive the birth control shot, or have an IUC inserted, then you will need to make an appointment. Please bring an ID.

Support on your schedule: To schedule an appointment, call us day or night.
Insurance: We now accept Cigna, Blue Cross, Aetna, United Healthcare, and Medicaid in Illinois & Maryland. Consider contacting your insurance provider prior to your appointment with us to see if your policy covers our services.

Birth Control Options & Cost:

Birth Control Costs
Condoms $3 / six
Birth Control Pills $15 / month
Depo Provera $100 / injection
Emergency Contraception $25 / each
Birth Control Implant Fees vary (oftentimes covered by insurance)
Intrauterine Devices (IUC / IUD)  Fees vary (oftentimes covered by insurance)