Delaware: At Home Abortion Pills

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Get Abortion Pills Online in Delaware

carafem has officially launched medically supported at home abortion care in Delaware. If you have a Delaware mailing address, you are now eligible for safe, effective abortion care via video visit.

Video Visits

Abortion care visits give you a chance to speak directly with a medical provider. Schedule your visit to begin your care, then medication will be mailed in 1-4 days following your appointment.

  • Schedule a video visit to begin your care
  • Discreetly delivered in 1-4 days once prescribed
  • 24/7 test support from medical experts
  • Free shipping (unless expedited shipping is selected)
  • From $0-249 for medication and medical support

Video Visits

How it Works

First, you’ll schedule a brief video consultation with a compassionate medical provider to discuss your care. After your video visit, we will mail your abortion pills to be delivered discreetly within 1-4 business days. Then, all you have to do is follow the included instructions and follow-up with your care team.


Schedule your video visit using our easy online tool.


Start your care with a trusted provider via video visit.


Medication arrives on your doorstep in 1-4 days.


Follow instructions and follow-up with your care team.

Highest Rated Online Abortion Pill Care

When you choose carafem for online abortion pill care, you are choosing the most supportive abortion care experience from start to finish. You receive full medical support 24/7 throughout the entire process, and you can text any time to get your questions answered. It’s no wonder why carafem was named the “most comprehensive” online abortion pill provider by Verywell Health, and the “most user friendly” online abortion pill provider by

Meet Cara: Your Virtual Care Assistant

Your virtual assistant will accompany you every step of the way. From making sure you receive your medication, throughout each step of your abortion process to your follow up visit, we’ve got you covered with 24/7 care. You’ll receive step by step instructions, automatic reminders, and periodic check-ins to see how things are going. It’s simply the most supportive option available for at home abortion care.

Online Abortion Pill Cost in Delaware

Costs for abortion pills online in Delaware range between $0-249. Depending on where you live and your income, you may qualify for 50-100% off with financial assistance. We are unable to accept insurance or Medicaid for abortion pills by mail at this time. You’ll have a chance to discuss all of your options and decide what’s best for you with a healthcare professional during your video visit.

Read the Reviews

Carafem is a lifesaver.

Rated 5 out of 5
July 5, 2023

I found carafem at an extremely tough time, I was lost and it seemed everything was crumping down on me. I’m from Indiana where they make it extremely tough to get the abortion pill. I already have children and my own health issues, I didn’t want to be forced into something I didn’t plan for. The carafem staff was extremely understanding and made the process so much easier. I recommend them to anyone needed abortion care 💖


Carafem is amazing

Rated 5 out of 5
April 25, 2023

Really lucky to have found carafem. My boy friend and I had broke up and we already have a daughter. I found I was pregnant and knew I couldn’t keep it. I just moved to a new city and live with my uncle. I have no transportation to go to a clinic cause everything is so far away. I googled my options and found carafem. I was scared to try something over the internet but I was desperate! I am really impressed on how caring and involved they are. I got the medications and also a care package with tea heating pad and some other things. They really saved me I was so stressed and had no idea what I was going to do. Thank you so much carafem !


Kind and Understanding

Rated 5 out of 5
April 25, 2023

My experience with Carafem was amazing. The lady I spoke with was so kind and understanding, while being extremely knowledgeable about the process. She instantly took all of my anxieties about the call away and I felt so much better mentally after speaking with her. Thank you, Carafem. The work you are doing is so, so important to myself and countless others. Thank you again!


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