Health Centers

Doors open in Augusta!

Since opening our Atlanta health center last May, we have been thrilled to receive a warm, supportive welcome from the local community.

While serving the area over the past eight months, we’ve cared for clients traveling from all across Georgia — and even from neighboring states. Now, we’re ready to make our services more accessible for folks in greater Georgia.

We’re pleased to announce we’ve begun traveling to Augusta, Georgia to meet the reproductive health care needs of the community. In Augusta, we provide the abortion pill and select birth control services — such as Depo Provera shots, pills and emergency contraception — around once a week.

We’re excited to expand our reach and continue supporting women in the South. Around a 2.5 hour drive from Atlanta, our Augusta location will be easier to access from places like Savannah, GA, parts of Florida, and the Carolinas.

We greatly appreciate the collaboration and encouraging words from supporters and clients, and we look forward to continuing to expand safe reproductive health care where it’s needed most.

Give us a call any time at 1-855-SAY-CARA to schedule an appointment; or share this with someone who may need it.