Doors Open in Atlanta: Bringing 5-Star Abortion Care to the South

Earlier this month, carafem began serving clients in a brand new, sparkly health center in Atlanta, Georgia. We also showed off our new ads on billboards around the city. When was the last time you saw abortion and birth control services advertised unapologetically and without euphemisms?

We’re pretty excited about opening our doors in Georgia. Despite immense efforts to stay open, more and more abortion providers in the South have been forced to close due to TRAP laws, and women in the region are left with fewer reproductive healthcare options as a result. The surge in Google searches for seriously dangerous DIY abortion methods is testimony to how desperate people are for any option that can help them with an unintended pregnancy.

That’s why it was so important for us to be here for you. carafem takes big steps to make our services as convenient, compassionate and affordable as possible. We have an incredible team of experts in our health center who work hard to make your visit as stress-free as it can be. We answer the phone to book appointments 24/7 and are proud to offer fast, convenient appointments that fit your schedule so our clients can be seen ASAP. We accept insurance and offer financial assistance by partnering with a number of abortion funding organizations to help make sure our services are accessible. In our DC health center, 100% of our clients said they’d recommend carafem to a friend, and our feedback as a whole has been extraordinarily positive.

We’re not afraid to talk about abortion because we know how common and important a procedure it is. We’re upfront about providing respectful abortion care in Atlanta because YOU deserve to know about the resources available to you. We will never pressure you to make a decision about your health care – we’re all about letting you be the boss of your choices, and we’re happy to help you with any decision you make.

Ready to book your appointment for birth control or abortion care? Give us a call any time at 1-855-SAY-CARA.