Financial Assistance for Abortion Care

Financial Support for Your Abortion with carafem

Abortion care should be accessible to all who want it ​— cost should never be a reason you can’t get an abortion with carafem. We partner with abortion funds to offer financial assistance to those who qualify, and accept health insurance for in-person appointments. If you are concerned about being able to pay for your abortion appointment with carafem, please call us at 855-729-2272, and we will work with you to ensure you receive the compassionate, high-quality abortion care you deserve.

Insurance for Abortion Care

  • Illinois and Maryland Medicaid can be used to completely cover the cost of your appointment at a carafem health center! If you have Medicaid insurance through another state, we can apply a $50 discount to your appointment.
  • Some private insurances will cover part or all of the cost of your in-person appointment with carafem. Please call 855-729-2272 prior to your appointment with your insurance information so we can verify your coverage.

Abortion Funds

  • Abortion funds are collectives, often operated by volunteers, that raise donations to offer financial assistance to people seeking abortion care.
  • carafem directly partners with the National Abortion Federation (NAF) to provide funding to individuals in select states who qualify. You can discuss your eligibility during your appointment, and if you qualify, we will automatically reduce the cost of your appointment. You do not need to contact NAF’s hotline.
  • Regional and local abortion funds provide assistance to people in specific states. Below is a list of abortion funds by state and instructions on how to contact them to request assistance: