Happy September 28th!


September 28th is a Big Day in abortion history. You may have heard that it’s International Safe Abortion Day — but did you know it’s also the 16th anniversary of the FDA approving the abortion pill for use in the US?! Count us in for a double celebration!

The September 28 Day of Action for Access to Safe and Legal Abortion, a.k.a. International Safe Abortion Day, has been recognized for the past two decades — ever since women’s groups and activists in Latin America and the Caribbean have used this day to rally for abortion rights. You can read more about the history (er, HERstory) of this day and the current awesome campaign behind it here.

As for the abortion pill: If you know anything about carafem, you probably already know we’re big fans. The FDA’s recent release of a new label for the abortion pill calls for a less expensive and lower dose of the medication — which makes it a more accessible option with fewer unpleasant side effects for those who choose it. Here are a few other reasons we think the abortion pill is pretty great:

  • It can be used from the earliest stages of pregnancy through the first 11 weeks
  • It is extremely safe – used by millions of women around the globe for over 20 years – and offers users a private, less-invasive abortion experience
  • No general anesthesia or strong painkillers are required when taking the abortion pill, and the procedure can feel more “natural” than surgical abortion – and more like a miscarriage

Ready to celebrate this awesome day? Here are 6 ways to do so:

  1. Read and share this stigma-busting abortion story
  2. Watch this video about the abortion pill
  3. Share your own story – have you had an abortion and want to talk about it? Your story could help someone else going through a similar experience. If not, want to tell us why you support safe abortion access for all? You can do so here.
  4. Donate to help make sure carafem clients have access to abortion services.
  5. Check out this great piece from NPR Atlanta covering our new Georgia location and innovative approach to advertising.
  6. Share these informative graphics on social media to help kick abortion stigma in the butt and let others know about the pill as a great, if lesser known, option!