Hello, Hawkeye State!

As abortion bans continue to pop up across the country, carafem is continuing on our path to expand our client centered, medically-supported telehealth abortion care in all states that allow it. We’re proud to share that Iowans now have this option through carafem. This brings the states we provide telehealth abortion care to twelve, which in addition to Iowa includes Connecticut, the District of Columbia, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Virginia. (We’ve expanded to even more states, click here for the full list!)

Now, a person who seeks an abortion in Iowa can meet with a carafem physician online and receive abortion pills delivered discreetly to their home within 1-5 days of their video visit.  Those wishing to obtain abortion pills from carafem will meet with a care coordinator who will provide information, options, and instructions about using the pills, including how to obtain an ultrasound in their local community, how to begin a new method of birth control if they chose, and the process for a final follow up visit to confirm they are no longer pregnant. The cost for at-home abortion pills in Iowa through carafem ranges from $150-249. Financial assistance may be available to those who qualify.

Our goal is to provide care to people seeking abortions in a way that is meaningful and valuable to the individual. Providing options that are respectful of and responsive to the individual person’s individual preferences and needs is critical.  Even amid a time when sexual and reproductive health rights are under threat, we are committed to expanding access options to the people who need them. Across the states we’ve been serving with telehealth abortion care, carafem is already seeing a higher percentage of clients from rural areas who are now able to receive care in the privacy of their homes. Our hope is that in a state like Iowa with many people living in rural areas far from an abortion provider, we’re able to put high-quality, non-judgmental abortion care in reach.

carafem’s proprietary virtual assistant, “Cara” helps clients feel more comfortable and confident with their at-home abortion care process by providing them with trusted, personalized support and information, 24/7. Cara is a secure, SMS text-based support system helping clients manage their personalized care plan with information such as when and how to take their medications, how to manage their symptoms, and by providing immediate answers to common questions. Additionally, Cara seamlessly connects clients to a member of their care team if they have a question that requires a medical professional, ensuring quick access to medical advice and assistance.

In choosing to receive care in the place they feel most comfortable, carafem clients can receive high quality medical care in a way that is safe, discrete, and convenient. Ultimately, the most important aspect of carafem’s service is our commitment to ensuring clients the judgment-free care they need and the respect they deserve.

To schedule an appointment in Iowa or any other states we serve, please visit our website or give us a call at 1-855-SAY-CARA.