Abortion With Misoprostol Alone: What You Need to Know

You may know of the abortion pill as a combination of two medications: mifepristone and misoprostol, taken in sequence to safely end a pregnancy. In the U.S. these pills are most often used as a duo, and when used before 11 weeks of pregnancy and are up to 98% effective.

The first pill, mifepristone, blocks progesterone, a hormone necessary for a pregnancy to continue to develop. The second pill, misoprostol, is typically taken as a set of four pills. It causes cramping and bleeding in order to empty the uterus (similar to a miscarriage). It is usually taken at home within 72 hours after taking the first pill.

What you may not know is that while the abortion medication process including mifepristone is the gold standard for abortion care, millions of people around the world successfully use misoprostol alone for an abortion when mifepristone may not be available.

Recommended by the World Health Organization as a safe and effective alternative to end a pregnancy, carafem has provided safe and successful abortion care with misoprostol alone to thousands of people since 2020 with a success rate averaging 95% or better.

Here’s a few top questions we’ve been asked about taking misoprostol alone to cause an abortion at home:

Is abortion with misoprostol alone available in the United States?

Yes, for years, abortion providers in the US have prescribed misoprostol alone as one option for abortion care.

Where can I get misoprostol alone abortion care?

carafem has provided misoprostol alone for abortion care as a reliable option since the year 2020 and has served thousands of satisfied clients. If you think you may be pregnant and don’t want to be, click here to make an appointment online or at a carafem health center.

When can I take misoprostol alone for abortion care?

carafem provides misoprostol alone abortion care up to 11 weeks from your last period date.

How much does misoprostol alone abortion cost?

A video visit, 24/7 support, medication, and shipping costs $249. In center care costs between $450-475, depending on the carafem health center location.

What is the process for taking misoprostol alone for abortion care like?

When using misoprostol alone for an abortion, three doses of the medication are recommended for the greatest effectiveness. Each dose consists of 4 200 mcg misoprostol pills, which are taken every three hours. When you choose carafem for your abortion care, you’ll also have the option to receive 24/7 text support and reminders of how and when to take the medication from Cara, our virtual assistant. Cara will always answer any and all of your questions with the back up of licenced carafem staff as needed.

No matter the questions you have, carafem is here for you 24×7 and will be with you every step of the way. From the moment you first contact us, through the abortion process, and until you have a negative pregnancy test, carafem is just a click or a call away.

Need abortion care now? Schedule an appointment online or in a carafem health center now. We often have same-day or next-day appointments available.