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New Year, New You! 5 tips for lasting changes all year!

It’s a new year, which means RESOLUTIONS, amiright?! We all have good intentions in January, but only 8% of us actually keep our New Year’s resolutions! You know who you are… 😉  So why is it so hard to stick to our resolutions?? Maybe we need to be more realistic with ourselves. Hold yourself accountable by checking out these 5 tips to revamp your New Year’s resolutions and make them stick.

1. Make, realistic, lifestyle changes

Sure, we all commit to losing weight in the new year, but how can we actually make that happen? Instead of setting big (cough, unachievable, cough) goals, work on setting small (achievable!) ones. Make a plan and be specific! How much weight do you want to lose, when do you want to lose it by, and what are some small steps you can take every day to make it happen?? Focus on changing one behavior at a time. For example, set a goal to lose one pound a week by eating healthier and replacing dessert with something like fruit. Post your plan where you will see it every day to help motivate and keep you going.

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2. 86 the stress

Yeah, yeah, we know. But, stress can have a real impact on your life. Whether it’s long hours at work, lack of exercise, not eating well, or spending less time with family, it all adds up. While stress can have positive effects, like giving us a boost, it can also have negative ones. Too much stress can lead to things like obesity, depression, heart disease, insomnia, and more. So, why not allow yourself time to relax after a long day, catch up on sleep, get together with friends, or maybe go on that fun vacation you’ve been thinking about?! Sounds like just what the doctor ordered. Check out our recent self-care tips blog post for more ways to indulge in some much needed me time.

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3. Take control of your birth control

With an exciting and busy new year ahead, it can be easy to forget routine things like taking your birth control pill. A long-acting, highly effective, and completely reversible birth control method, like an IUD or implant, might be just the thing for you! carafem offers a wide range of these LARC methods of contraception so stop by one of our locations to ask questions or get one!

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4. Reconnect with friends

Maybe it’s time to shoot that friend you’ve been missing a text. Seriously, it’s good for your mental health. Studies show social bonds like these can have a positive effect on our health (and can even help you live longer)! Reach out and round up some of your favorite humans and get together IRL. You can thank us later. 😉   

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5. Give back

We’ve all heard it. “Giving is better than receiving” but is that actually true? According to experts, our happiness increases when we help others! Imagine that. Happiness is also good for your health, lowering your likelihood of developing certain diseases. There are so many easy ways to give back: pay it forward the next time you are in line at the coffee shop, hold the door for someone behind you, donate to a food bank, send a card to the troops, give blood, maybe donate to carafem to improve access to low cost birth control and reproductive healthcare –the options are endless, and so are the feelings of happiness!

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