Support Abortion Innovation in the Face of Adversity

Abortion. Yeah, we're still doing that.


If you’re like us, today’s news is making you feel physically ill. But many of us at carafem have spent decades bracing and strategizing for this moment and we can assure you: carafem will keep fighting and innovating. Your donation today can help us do that.

As of today, abortion care remains legal in all states that we serve. For now, our health centers and telehealth abortion care services remain open for those who depend on us. As local changes roll out, we will be in touch with our clients to communicate options and make sure they get care. We may need to reduce services in some locations but we’re not stopping, which is where you come in.

Your contribution will help us build extra capacity both in our health centers and via telehealth care in critical places like Illinois, Maryland, Washington, DC, and Colorado.

With the decimation of Roe v. Wade, attacks on abortion care will become even more intense. We anticipate surges of people seeking care will have to flee hostile states, where options for abortion care will soon cease, to obtain access in states like Illinois and others who have made a commitment to keep abortion both legal and available.

Without federal protections for abortion care, restrictions will compound and disproportionately impact low-income people, BIPOC, undocumented people and migrants, LGBTQIA+ people, those with disabilities, people living in rural areas, and others already facing oppression. carafem believes that your income, your zip code, your religious beliefs, your physical ability, nor the color of your skin should impact what kind of healthcare you can receive. We believe medically supported telehealth abortion care may prove to be a desired healthcare option for many people, while also serving as way to reserve in-person abortion care visits for those who most urgently need them.

Telehealth visits are efficient, discreet and affordable and allow people to spend time with their provider privately at home instead of spending time traveling to a clinic. Having their medications sent to them, or picking them up at a convenient location in a nearby state, can be the preferred option for those who face difficulty with the expense of travel or missing time away from work or family. This option is simply more private for many people seeking abortion care. carafem currently serves people in 15 states with medically supported at home abortion pills. We need your donation now to continue to expand this innovative, high-quality care to all eligible states.

P.S. Our doors are still open. To schedule an appointment in any state we serve, visit our website or give us a call at 1-855-SAY-CARA