Traveling From Tennessee for an Abortion

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Can I travel outside of Tennessee for an abortion?

First off, it’s important to know that traveling outside of your state for abortion care is a completely legal option. Just like when you go to Las Vegas to gamble legally in Nevada, you are free to travel and obtain abortion care in states with less restrictions.

If you live in Tennessee and are considering traveling to Virginia, Illinois, or another nearby state for abortion care, carafem is here to welcome you with compassionate, convenient, and non-judgemental care on the other side of the border. Check out this blog for more information about traveling for online abortion care.

Abortion Laws in Tennessee

Abortion is completely banned in Tennessee. The only exceptions to the Tennessee abortion ban are when the procedure is needed to save a person’s life, when continuing a pregnancy could result in serious risks to the pregnant person’s health, or if the fetus is not expected to survive the pregnancy.

If you’re in Tennessee, you are likely left with traveling to a nearby state as your only choice for legal abortion care. Luckily, there are options in nearby states like Virginia and Illinois, but make sure to check abortion laws and requirements in your destination state so you can be prepared. You can also watch for any updates or changes to these laws using Abortion Finder’s guide to abortion laws in Tennessee.

Traveling to Illinois for Abortion Care

Illinois offers much more accessibility to abortion care, drawing many Tennessee residents seeking access to care outside of their home state. Those opting to travel to Illinois for abortion care can avoid mandatory waiting periods, compulsory ultrasound viewings, and exposure to state-sponsored lectures that contain misleading information.

carafem’s Chicago metro location and online care welcomes any and all out-of-state visitors regardless of their state of residency, sexual orientation, background, immigration status, or race.

Traveling to Virginia for Abortion Care

In Virginia, abortion is legal up to 26 weeks, and in 2020 the state even repealed requirements for a waiting period and biased counseling session, making access to abortion easier and more convenient. Virginia is much more open to abortion, making it an ideal place to travel for care from Tennessee.

In Virginia, carafem offers Immediate Evaluation care with 24/7 medical support from our virtual abortion care assistant. There is no appointment required, but you will need to be present in the state to complete our online evaluation, mail your medication, and to take your abortion medication.

Traveling to Georgia for Abortion Care

Georgia is also a very restrictive state with a law banning nearly all abortions at 6 weeks. Still, Georgia could be a viable option for someone traveling out of Tennessee for an abortion. If you are under six weeks from the first day of your last period, you are able to access in-person abortion care in Georgia.

Keep in mind that the state requires a mandatory counseling session and waiting period. Meaning, you need to allow enough time before the six week cutoff to attend two appointments. Remember to read up on the laws in your destination state if you plan to travel for an abortion.

carafem’s Atlanta metro location welcomes any and all out-of-state visitors regardless of their state of residency, sexual orientation, background, immigration status, or race.

Abortion Care Options for Tennesseans

Immediate Evaluations

carafem’s Immediate Evaluation service does not require an appointment. When in Virginia or Illinois, complete our online form and provide us with a mailing address in those states where we can ship your medications. The medications arrive in 1-4 business days, and you receive 24/7 medical support from our virtual abortion care assistant. This option costs $0-225 depending on your eligibility for financial aid. You will be able to apply for financial aid on our online form.

carafem can mail your medications to an address in the state you select for your online care — including a friend’s house or a delivery service pickup location. Rest assured, our package is very discreet — no one will know where your package is coming from or what it’s for.

Need an interpreter or want to see if you qualify for additional funding? It’s easy — just call us at 1-855-SAY-CARA to get started.

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In-office Appointments

No matter what state you reside in, you can rely on carafem to provide compassionate, convenient, and affordable abortion care in our health centers located in Chicago, Atlanta, and Washington DC.

Feel free to make an appointment for an in-office procedure or abortion pill appointment at our office. At this office, you may also be able to use your health insurance, and if you have active Medicaid in Tennessee, you can receive a $50 discount on your care.

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Get Help with Travel Costs for An Abortion Out of State

carafem offers financial assistance for low-income travelers in Virginia, Georgia, and Illinois. If you’re traveling from out of state to receive abortion care you may be eligible for a low-income discount.