Thanks for the warm welcome, Atlanta!

You may already know how excited we were to open a brand new health center in Atlanta, GA, earlier this year. Since opening, we’re proud to have served hundreds of clients in need of safe abortion care and birth control options in Atlanta and the surrounding area. We’ve seen people come from as far as Texas and Oklahoma for services in the southeast. Our clients have expressed gratitude for the same supportive, nonjudgmental care that we’ve offered clients in our DC office for over a year.

We’re grateful for the warm welcome we’ve received from the Atlanta community! Here are a few examples of how you’ve brightened our days:


  • Several people reached out to offer to volunteer with us and thanked us for opening doors in Atlanta
  • We’ve even received a few unsolicited donations from folks in the area!

We have been thrilled to see such great responses and were touched by the overwhelmingly positive reaction to our arrival in a new city! We’re also pleased to now offer an in-office procedure in both our Atlanta and our Washington, D.C. offices. This is a very exciting time to be providing more access to safe abortion care in the South, and we appreciate the warm welcome.

Thank you, Atlanta! We look forward to continuing to serve birth control and early-term abortion needs for people in Atlanta and the surrounding areas.