What about the abortion pill?

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First things, first – did you know that there is a pill that can safely and effectively induce an abortion? Oftentimes just called “the abortion pill,” it’s actually a regimen that uses two different drugs to end an early pregnancy. While there is tons of information out there, here’s the TL;DR on the abortion pill:

  1. The abortion pill is only used in the first trimester. At carafem, we only use the abortion pill if the pregnancy is dated as less than 11 weeks along. If you’re considering the abortion pill, double-check when your last menstrual cycle to figure out how far along you are. (If you need help figuring it out, give us a ring anytime, day or night.)
  2. The abortion pill has been legal in the United States for 15 years and counting. It’s actually been around longer than that, when the original researchers in France were developing and studying it. Since the FDA approved it in 2000, thousands of women have had safe, minimally invasive abortions using the abortion pill.
  3. The abortion pill is not the same as the morning-after pill! The morning-after pill cannot end a pregnancy – only the abortion pill can cause an actual abortion.

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