TelAbortion: Maintaining Access to Abortion During Coronavirus

With the rapid spread of coronavirus in our nation and around the world, nearly everyone’s daily life has been disrupted. Our hearts go out to all that have been impacted. As you may have seen in our earlier post, we’re doing everything we can to mitigate exposure to our clients and team members

While our health centers are prepared to work through the coronavirus outbreak in stride (especially because our centers are small, we have a staff of only 3-4 on at a time, and we stagger appointments so you likely will only see one other client during your visit), we want to make sure people know about the option to visit with a trusted medical provider from the comfort of their home.

In Illinois, Maryland, and Georgia, carafem is taking part in an innovative, federally-approved study to provide abortion pills through the mail after consulting with a provider during an online video appointment. This type of visit is called “TelAbortion” and we’re proud to be using it to pave the way to increased access to health care now and in the future

Here’s what to expect if you choose a TelAbortion appointment for your abortion care: 

  • Fill out our online form and one of our compassionate, non-judgemental team members will give you a call to talk through the process.
  • You’ll confirm that you are pregnant, less than 10 weeks along, and have a home address in Georgia, Maryland, or Illinois where you are able to receive mail and take the medication.
  • You may or may not need to get an ultrasound or other testing from a provider in your community. 
  • Next, you’ll schedule a visit with our trusted medical provider, who will evaluate you over video conference, which can be done from a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer. 
  • After they assess and prescribe the abortion pill, the health center closest to you will express ship the medication to you, which will arrive in a discreet package within 1-3 days. 
  • From there, you will follow instructions on taking the abortion pill at home to end your pregnancy. Here’s more on what to expect when taking the abortion pill at home

We’ve been providing at home abortion pill care via secure video consultation for over a year and have helped many people have a private safe abortion. This method has not only proven to be effective but we’ve also saved several clients a great deal of time and anxiety in trying to travel to a clinic to find an abortion — especially if they live in one of the majority of US counties with no abortion provider. 

We are working with Gynuity Health Projects to expand this program further in the coming year to ensure access to abortion care. If you’re reading this and don’t need an abortion but want to help, consider supporting carafem’s efforts with a financial contribution so we can continue to scale up this critical work. 

In times of uncertainty and possibly a great deal of change, carafem is committed to using innovative solutions to ensure people can exercise their right to quality health care and accurate medical information.  Stay tuned for further expansion of our telemedicine work in the coming year.