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Traveling from Alabama to Georgia for Convenient Telehealth Abortion Care

Traveling from Alabama to Georgia for More Accessible Abortion Care

Abortion is still legal in Alabama, but local laws and a low number of providers make it difficult to access the care you need. In some cases, the most convenient option is to travel to a different state to access abortion care. carafem has simplified this process for Alabamans who want to head to Georgia for abortion care.

Now, you can travel to Georgia to conduct a short video visit with a care provider. Then, in 1-5 days we’ll deliver abortion medication to a discreet, nearby pickup location as close as possible to your location. The whole process is backed by 24/7 medical support at your fingertips.

Keep reading for more details on how you can travel to access more convenient abortion care, or you can get started today.

carafem is a leader in telehealth abortion care, and has been making abortion more convenient and compassionate since day one.
Access abortion care without leaving your house but have all of the medical support you need, at the touch of your fingertips? This feels like a no-brainer, and it has been for the thousands of clients carafem has provided abortion care for using telehealth technology. Due to state regulations, this technology is not available in every state. Medically supported at home abortion care is currently provided by carafem in over a dozen states (check this page for frequent updates).

If there are restrictive abortion laws in your state or a low number of providers without availability that fits your schedule, you could head to a nearby state for more convenient care.
For people living in states with limited abortion providers, finding a timely appointment that’s convenient and discreet can be challenging. That’s where carafem comes in. If you live outside of a state where we offer services, you may still be eligible for an Abortion Care Video Visit.

Give us a call to schedule your appointment at 855-SAY-CARA
We can answer all of your questions, cover the state-mandated script which is required 24 hours before your visit, and schedule your video visit appointment.

Head to a convenient location in a neighboring state for a quick video visit.
To take advantage of our video visit appointments, you need to confirm you are physically located in one of the approved states for your video appointment. Payment will be collected at this time (costs range between $175-249, depending on the medication of choice and financial assistance needed).

Then, we’ll mail your medications to a convenient pickup location.
carafem can mail your medications to an address in the state you select for your video visit — anywhere from a friend’s house to a delivery service pickup location. Rest assured: our package is very discreet — no one will know where your package is coming from or what it’s for.

You’ll have 24/7 medical support throughout the whole process.
You can then take the medications in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Over the next several days and weeks, you will follow up with your provider and you have access to a 24/7 hotline where you can receive support from carafem throughout the entire process.

We’re making it easy for you to receive high quality, medically supported abortion care over state lines.
You deserve to access safe and convenient healthcare — we are here to help by providing non-judgmental, easy to understand information and reproductive healthcare that works for you. Whether that’s abortion care, birth control, testing or you are just looking for some answers to common questions, we can help.

Get started today!
If you’re interested in scheduling an appointment for medically supported at-home abortion pills, you can schedule a video visit or visit one of our health centers by calling us at 1-855-SAY-CARA, and you can read about what to expect for your appointment here. You can also check to see if there is an abortion fund in your area that can help with the cost of travel.