Instagram Stickers

Share a #carafemBFF tattoo sticker

We partnered with a passionate, pro-choice tattoo artist to create these lovely expressions for your Instagramming pleasure. Click below for instructions on how to find and use these cool tattoo stickers!

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Social Media Templates

Share your love for bodily freedom on social media.

If you’re ready to declare your fight for bodily freedom in your permanent feed, look no further than these awesome share graphics.

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Free the uterus!


Donate directly to abortion providers.

Now more than ever before, carafem needs your support to expand telehealth abortion care everywhere we can.

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Temporary Tattoos

Sport your support IRL with temporary tattoos.

You may not be ready for permanent pro-choice ink so we found a cool way to print these and wear them temporarily at home. Check them out here!

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Get Educated

Learn more about reproductive justice.

As an abortion provider, carafem believes in the principles of reproductive justice. Check out our blog for more information about the history and framework of reproductive justice and different reproductive justice organizations you can follow and support!

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TikTok Script

Spread the good word about telehealth abortion on TikTok, Reels or video platform of your choice.

Most people don’t know the abortion pill is different from Plan B/Emergency Contraception and in fact, works up to 11 weeks of pregnancy. Help spread the word about what the abortion pill is and how to access it online using this medically accurate social media script.

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Advocacy Merch

Shop bodily freedom merch ’til you drop.

Look cute and normalize abortion with these hot looks.

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Abortion Finder

Help you or your friends find a legit abortion provider.

Finding a legitimate abortion provider can be challenging. Spread the word far and wide that Abortion Finder and Plan C Pills are helping people find high quality abortion care across the country.

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Spread the word in your neighborhood.

Fingers tired from tweeting? Need an excuse to go for a long walk? Print out some carafem stickers at home and stick them around your neighborhood to help raise awareness!

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Coloring Sheets

Color outside the lines with these #carafemBFF coloring sheets.

Take a deep breath. Count to 10. Break out your colored pencils and enjoy some peaceful, pro-choice quietness while you color in these amazing designs.

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Work with carafem

carafem is ushering in a new era of abortion care in the US.

Unintended pregnancy is a common, shared experience and we understand the various emotions and barriers that can come with getting an abortion. That’s why we created the carafem model of care, which is client-centered care prioritizing convenient, compassionate, and efficient reproductive healthcare. At carafem, we respect all our clients equally. If you are looking for a fast-paced and rewarding work environment that’s focused on client-centered care, read more about working with us.

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